About me

I’m a science student who somehow hasn’t gotten enough proofs, simulations, and methods in my life. That’s why I’m doing more math with eve. This initially started with me wanting to gain experience quickly – without losing any ships. At this point, I kinda know what I am doing (although there is definitely still room for improvement), but trying to do math about stuff has stayed anyway.

Schedule, Topics etc.

Friendly Splash doesn’t have a setschedule. Sometimes I have something to talk about, sometimes I don’t. I also would like to keep quality over quantity.

The post can somewhat be divided into categories:

  • So you need a
    I pick some ship role that I think will have interesting tradeoffs, and then use math or logic to illuminate specific advantages or disadvantages that different options have. I attempt to clearly state the differences between hard math (and show it’s assumptions) and my personal oppinion.
  • Evolution:, Middle Ground:,
    Alternate ways to do the same thing really, here I will focus more on what other people made, what flying something actually felt like, and try to get a good grasp of the meta that way.
  • Guides
    If I think something is often missunderstood or not well explained I try to make my own guide for it, while it might not be extensive, it will hopefully highlight the core thing that causes confusion.

Oh, and I am devoted to quality fits. That means that every single one will have drones, charges, and somewhat proper module spacing.

Other resources / Points of Contact

  • Some unedited footage of fights including coms can be found here
  • My corpmate Web Driver has been on the <10 podcast at one point
  • If you have any comment or ideas, there is a (very inactive) discord for that

EVE Career (boring)

I started my eve career in Hisec and spent quite some time there and after a year at places without personal computers decided to finally do something in this game that isn’t just solo boating around. I had been diving wormholes for quite some time and got my first kill (a Heron) on June 25th, 2019. I joined The Grey Eagles (the day the CEO Tel’Kontarr announced retirement) and had a really cool first few months in a C2->HS/C3 alias The Nest.

I eventually decided to tryhard a little more and joined Hole Control in a C6->C5, alias PRISM. I again learned a ton of new things, flew my first Dictor in the TDSIN eviction (it lived, barely). I met Web Driver a few times and sometime later adopted his Nano Loki Fit.

The plan to eventually FC things took shape, and there were definitely a few openings in my group for that too. But we were often lacking Guardians even more, so a flew that those all the time. While it was definitely fun, I had a hard time catching up in experience with the more seasoned DPS Pilots.

That’s why I finally decided to step away from it and get some more (nano) DPS experience myself. I seeded Web Driver’s hole and asked to join his corp in local. TThe stay eventually was extended indefinitely. At this point, I started my first article, Middle Ground: Quick Response Drekavacs, for logi-less comp, that would not only get there fast but also stay alive after the fact (I never finished it).


We currently average over 15 kills per character and month, bring 0.81 ships for every enemy ship, and have 0.74 Nanofibers or Polycarbonate Engine Housings on our losses. Our home is the only wormhole that has 6 P4 capable planets, no effect, and 3 guaranteed J-Space connections while only needing one press of dscan to cover evereything.

If you have some previous nano or wormhole knowledge, a working mic, and no fear of multiboxing different ship roles on a grid, then consider paying the FLYGD ingame channel a visit. We are always interested in active wormhole nano pilots in EUTZ or USTZ. We also run a somewhat modified pathfinder that we will host for similarity-sized groups.