About me

I’m a science student who somehow hasn’t gotten enough proofs, simulations, and methods in my life. That’s why I’m doing more math with eve. This initially started with me wanting to gain experience quickly – without losing any ships. At this point, I kinda know what I am doing (although there is definitely still room for improvement), but trying to do math about stuff has stayed anyway.

I recently started my own group called Synthesis, living out of a C4 -> C2 / C4 and being active specifically on Monday and Thursday in EUTZ. If you are looking for some tryhard wormhole nano twice a week, here is the discord for that: https://discord.gg/VXrErdavrq

Schedule, Topics etc.

Friendly Splash doesn’t have a set schedule. Sometimes I have something to talk about, sometimes I don’t, and I want to keep quality over quantity.

The post can somewhat be divided into categories:

  • So you need a
    I pick some ship role that I think will have interesting tradeoffs, and then use math or logic to illuminate specific advantages or disadvantages that different options have. I attempt to clearly state the differences between hard math (and show it’s assumptions) and my personal oppinion.
  • Evolution:, Middle Ground:,
    Alternate ways to do the same thing really, here I will focus more on what other people made, what flying something actually felt like, and try to get a good grasp of the meta that way.
  • Guides
    If I think something is often missunderstood or not well explained I try to make my own guide for it, while it might not be extensive, it will hopefully highlight the core thing that causes confusion.

Oh, and I am devoted to quality fits. That means that every single one will have drones, charges, and somewhat proper module spacing.

Other resources / Points of Contact

  • Some unedited footage of fights including coms can be found here
  • My former corpmate Web Driver has been on the <10 podcast at one point, my playstyle is similar to his.
  • If you have any comment or ideas, there is a discord for that.
  • I am happy for ISK donations, but I can assure you they will not be used responsibly. I will “invest” into Shield Bhaalgorns, Bifrosts without Boosh and 500mn Proteuses! Larynx Austrene is my main.