Every loss accounted for.

Live. Die. Repeat. Larynx Austrene edition.

In Eve Online you obviously die sometimes, but most often you don’t just die, you die for a reason. While the kills you get are often misplays of your enemies, the losses are generally something where you personally did a mistake. This is part of the learning curve, and if you analyze why you die it usually means that you can learn something.

For me personally, I try to learn something from every loss. And they also make up my history in Eve, what I did and what I learned. So I am going over the tedious task of describing all my losses and what I learned from them. Maybe I can keep myself from doing the same mistakes again, or maybe it’s just a good reminder of my history so far.


1.55m ISK

At the start of my eve career, I was mostly diving wormholes in my T1 exploration frigate and earning my money this way. I already knew what safespots are and how to use dscan since I was reading the EVE-Uni wiki. naturally, I eventually died.
This took place on a hisec wormhole, just outside of jump range, when a Svipvul jumped in and killed me. From there on out, I realized that you should absolutely minimize the time you sit on any wormhole because there is a chance that someone else is there.

Since I was liking the EVE-Uni Wiki I was keen to join them. While I kept doing my exploration, I eventually ended up in Jita, and EVE-Uni was wardeced I got shot at quite quickly, and died. The Eve Uni Page even said to be careful in case of wardecs, so this was just a simple reminder.

Lvl 1 Mission
4.3m ISK

I then joined the local military, and stopped playing eve for almost a year – you kinda have to if you aren’t allowed to bring a PC. I did however train 5 alpha accounts so they would get 5m SP, something that comes in handy until today.

2nd Time’s the Charm

Passive T4
232m ISK

When I came back I decided that EVE maybe still was something to try and while exploration was fun, I didn’t quite want to be a one-trick pony yet. The abyss had just been introduced and I decided to give it a go in a passively tanked Gila after some testing on SISI. I did some T3’s and then decided to try T4’s, which is where the fit I picked up was meant to go. After finding T4’s hard on SISI I stuck to T3s and realized that even here, there was the Vedmak spawn which I couldn’t handle. From here on out this spawn would be the measurement to see if any abyssal fit was any good.

67m ISK

At that point, I was definitely omega and decided to do more exploration. I got my first cheetah as a step up from my probe, and almost immediately lost it to a Ghost Site in hisec. Learned that Ghost Sites exist. In J-Space I then came across the first relic site camper and realized that there was nothing that I could do immediately to get away. I also debated on what the best way of flying your cloak around ships is and realized that orbiting at 2000m is perfect, you are moving, you can cloak and scoop. I also thought about the competition, how and where relic sites were most likely camped. From here on out, I decided to use dead hisecs far away from Jita and started to deep die the chains.

10m ISK

I also tried to do T2 Abyssals with a CCP condoned fit, as I couldn’t really afford to lose more Gilas. In the first site, I lost some drones and eventually died because of time against an abyssal overmind. That was it for me and the Abyss xD. I don’t think taking fits from CCP’s website is a smart move anymore, and this also marks the first time that I have lost 2 Ships on the same day.

85m ISK

I realized that I would need a corporation from here on out and was looking around. I wrote the most over-the-top evemail ever to The Grey Eagles. And while waiting for a response I lost my first PvP kitey Jackdaw the triglavians in hisec. I stood up, closed the window 2 meters away and by the time I was back I realized that I was tackled, and had no chance to get out. I knew not to be AFK, but I didn’t think that short of a time was enough. I honestly thought -GE.- were not going to take me after that.

Flying with The Grey Eages (C2->HS/C3)

Luckily Tel’Kontarr did pick me up anyway and I got a fairey welcome. They were just running a fleet and before I even joined corp I was flying trough lowsec in my Interceptor. Tackle is always good to have, and this was the fastest thing that I came up with that would match their fleet, I was searching for their fleet on the solar system map and when I finally found them I had to deal with the Aussie Accent to know what to do. I just stayed with the fleet and felt Invincible with that many friendly ships around.

Classical Tackle
51m ISK

We engaged a few ships on a station, I did tackle them and promptly got blown to pieces by the Station’s Sentries. Turns out it was a Snuffed Out Bait. It wasn’t that big of a deal that I died as most other people either lost Drekavacs or Guardians xD. While I did know about gate guns I didn’t know that stations have gate guns as well, lesson learned. I traveled to Jita in my pod and promptly got podded there. Turns out I had a suspect timer from the lowsec engagement. This is the second lesson right there!

AC 5mn Buffer
96m ISK

When I was in Grey Eagles I couldn’t fly any of their doctrines. They were using Enyos and Deacons and the closest I could bring was a Wolf. Not the same DPS as an Enyo, but the FC Anatoli Steck was grateful for every pilot we got. We were going to shoot some structure in J-Space and we only had a lowsec entry. For some reason I was late, or we flew in one by one. Everything was going fine until I jumped into a gatecamp. I knew what to do in this kind of scenario, just reapproach and take the gate again. And with an ADC that should be an easy task right. However, what I was learning in just that moment is that the ADC uses cap. And if you have no cap, because there is a Curse on grid, then you don’t get to ADC, and you die. I remember Anatoli giving me the ISK to buy another Wolf that night, and we did shoot the Structure. The other thing learned from this is that you maybe shouldn’t fly with guys in AUTZ when you are EUTZ. At 3 AM, your flying might not be on point.

5mn Bursttank + Relic Analyzer
85m ISK

The next one I was baiting in a relic site in nullsec, while my friends were waiting on the other side of the wormhole. Turns out this guy already had his friend in the system. And he showed up in jackdaw and almost alphaed my Astero, putting me into my pod before anyone else showed up. At the time I didn’t learn much from the incident, except to be more careful in finding out where people in local are. Nowadays I kind of still do the baiting in relic sites, but I use cheaper, buffer tanked ships on special characters, if they die, then their killboard looks to spec, and if they don’t then I don’t have to replace them. I really don’t care to be honest.

The next few kills are from different kinds of tournaments we did in the Grey Eagles. The first one was a Battle Royale. Caterpil seeded a wormhole with all kinds of T1 ships and modules at every celestial, and we then had to go in in corvettes and build our best possible ship, before a final Thunderdome. There is not a lot of individual piloting skill here, just be as unsuspicious as possible, and you will eventually be left. I did learn something else tho in this tournament, all cruiser weapons to III since I didn’t know what I was going to encounter there.
Battle Report. Caterpil I still love you for that!

4x Trasher
AC 1mn 2MASB
9m ISK Each

We did two destroyer tournaments in the coming months, and it was great fun. You were race-locked and had to battle it out with everyone. While was fun I didn’t really have the ingame or piloting skills to win much. In fact, I lost every single match! While this was definitely a bummer, I did pick up a few things there as well. I was especially interested in defanging and sensor damping and realized that these two things together could guarantee you a win. In the first tournament, I just ran what I knew, a simple AC Trasher. and consequently lost to the better piloting (and maybe T2 guns) of my opponent. The fight against Jhalabhar Xho was really close, but just before killing him, I burned my guns. Someone told me that I could have ungrouped them and kept shooting with the ones that were still intact another good lesson.

Rail 10mn Hulltank
17m ISK

Before the second tournament, we did go out on a Destroyer Roam to Lowsec, with two Algi and a Catalyst. I was very fond of the Algos’ potential, as a similar Algos had won the first tournament. We were in a plex and got a group of guys coming at us, outshipping us significantly. Not really much we could do against that except run, but I at least was reminded of the 6 Minute Rule (Every 6 minutes, someone reships and counter you, It might not be 6 minutes tho), and only because you are 10mn, doesn’t mean you can get away from anything.

5x Dragoon
Various Rockets/
Neuts/Damps Buffertanked
38m ISK each

In the second tournament, I did a lot of research on sunesis gits that could each beat one of the other destroyers, but I couldn’t quite get most of them working, so in the end, I decided to go with a Dragoon instead. I still lost all the fights, but at least I did try to fit to the opponent, and I guess I learned a lot about the small weapon systems and destroyers while dying over and over.

5mn Bursttank
82m ISK

On the next one, I just had bad luck. We had a new Incoming and I decided to start scanning in it. I found a few guys on the other side and we decided to form Drekavacs. I wanted to be there as well and jumped back into our hole, but soon realized that the Fleet would need me to scout. So I jumped back through and pinged off to a Celestial. On the return I warped to 8km (this is my standard distance, it is always far enough that you don’t get decloaked, but maximum a few km away from jump range) Well, it turns out one of their ships was in that direction, and me being polarized the only option was burning away, which I wasn’t too good at. From this loss I was experimenting with 10mn Asteros, something I ended up flying for a while. Also if you are scouting, there is very little reason to come back if you found something, I shall remember that.

-GE.- Deployment (C2->NS/C5)

Damps 5mn
37m ISK

The next few losses are from a Grey Eagles Deployment to a C2 with Nullsec and C5. This was a very interesting time. We tried to smallgang out of the Nullsec Static to see how that suits us. Everyone kinda knew what he was doing, while I kinda had read about it as always. We go out in typical Nano- Ships, and slowly feed stuff, I just stick around for too long and get pointed by an Interceptor and die shortly after, to be honest, I didn’t really think about damping said interceptor back.

1mn Application
50m ISK

So we go out on the same day again, and I decide to decloak and burn to a Gate instead of rewarping, turns out a Cormorant warped in. I keep trying to crash the gate and die before I reach it. In the future, I should just rewarp, or cloak again. To be honest this is one of the few Mistakes that I keep on doing, being impatient and trying to burn with cloakies. I should definitely note that.

Drones propless
Tinker 3XLSB
214m ISK
(+15m Abyssals)

The next one was kinda interesting. Because I was a guy that loved my C3 ratting Praxis duo, and there would be no more C3 Static in the future with The Grey Eagles moving to a C2->NS/C5, I had to come up with a new way to make ISK. Because I lacked the skills for a good Nestor or Leshak, I decided to make the Praxis duo run C5 Sites. It worked about as expected (really slow) but it did work. One day Time Crit started knocking on our Astrahus with 3 Maelstroms and a Caracal, after us two guys pinged on discord 0 people showed up, so we were kinda on our own. I did some quick math and realized that my PvE Praxii could actually tank the 3 Maelstroms, so I decided to undock them and do something (what exactly wasn’t clear in hindsight). Turns out that I had miscalculated: While C5 Sites do a lot of damage, they don’t have ECM-Drones. And with them, the setup became very hard to manage. The cap life with the full tank running is less than 20 seconds, so already a single successful jam put one of the Praxii near cap dry, while the other kept going fine, but when one goes dry, it is only a matter of 20 seconds till the other one goes dry. I survived the first 2 successful jams but lost one Praxis on the 3rd, and the other one died shortly after. Meanwhile, my drones were mostly Idle. Using the correct drones I could have cleared most of the ECM-Drones, but to be honest, this wasn’t a mistake of module management, this was a classic Pyfa-warrior mistake, just because it works on paper doesn’t mean it will actually work. Giving a Praxis to the other guy online would have already made it a lot easier, but why did I even undock? There was no clear advantage or objective. I guess that just happens when someone knocks on your door.

<2 Exploceptor
103m ISK

The last loss in this phase is actually the worst one for me because I don’t actually think I am the culprit. I jumped into a gang with my exploceptor, and as always just pressed “Warp at some range” to a celestial. My ship aligned and got pointed by the Slasher (The best instalocking T1 Frigate btw), so I crashed the gate and made it without bigger Problems. My Jump was however canceled due to a dession change, I tried again, and got the same message again. Meanwhile, my Stiletto was sitting at the gate and slowly dying.

Writing this whole thing reminded me a little bit about Edge of Tomorrow, live, die, repeat … but as long as it pays of like that as well, I think this is fine. In fact, there is a whole 2nd part that I didn’t write yet, with me joining Hole Control and loosing more expensive stuff as well, and I am currently generating content for the 3rd part almost every day. While I still try to learn from every loss to this day, it gets a lot harder over time, so maybe this format well see it’s end after the third instalment.

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