Open Source Spreadsheets / Workbooks

These are all and written / maintained by me, eventually they will probably get their own blogpost.

Killmail API Scraper Fully functional, based on a Forum Post

Heating Simulator Fully Functional

Abyssal Rolling Calculator almost fully functional, has its own Abyssal Rolling Guide now.

Triglavian Kill Finder pretty much functional

All Items Destroyed List proof of concept

Ship Database Needs updates, T3Cs and recent patches, if you are interested in maintaining this, please contact me xD

Nano-Counter functional, thanks to Steve Ronuken for implementing multithreading / caching

Blob-Factor functional, with questionable stats sometimes

Active Character Counter functional

Fit Finder Does something, is probably better

Corp Statistics aggregates data for most nano corps, and could be used for any other corp if you want that.

Rolling Survivability/Time Calculator Works pretty much as it should, doesn’t support active tanks